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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

True System is a computer company, which offers on the markets of Russia and CIS the computer parts and storage data devices and presents over 20 leading manufacturers of computer technologies. We perform direct operations with such famous companies like SuperMicro Computers , Fujitsu, Adaptec, Axus, Exabyte, Tandberg Data ASA, Tyan, Biostar, Micron, Corsair, AOC, Mitac and Micronet.

The complicated systems and solutions represent the main range of the goods, which we offer to our customers: server barebones and motherboards, RAID chasses and controllers, tape drives and tape libraries. Our company is not only a distributor of the computer parts. We offer to the clients the servers and RAID systems of own assembling which possess the certificates of RosTest and CCC.

The main goal of our company is the creating of long terms relationship with our partners, offering to them the most modern equipment and solutions, which closest meet their requirements.

At our web site you can get acquainted with our main vendors and business partners, and the goods and solutions, which we offer to the customers.

Using the service of this site you can make an order for the equipment, subscribe for getting of the news and price-list or put the questions to our specialists.

We invite all companies, which are interested in our equipment, to do business together and hope our cooperation will be based on mutual understanding and benefits.

Sergey N. Lukianov
General Manager


  • Адрес: 115487, г. Москва, ул. Нагатинская, дом 16 (Метро "Нагатинская")
  • Телефон: (495) 747-3113
  • Факс: (495) 747-3112
  • Гарантийный отдел: (495) 747-3113 (доб. 333, 304)
  • Отдел продаж: (495) 747-3113
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